all good things come in chocolate


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Containing all the essential ingredients of life are our Oreo Peanut Butter Chocolate Balls! A yummy marriage of peanut butter and chocolate guarantees to turn any frown upside down 😀  

Pop one of these heavenly nuggets (though shaped suspiciously like reindeer patties) into your mouth and you will see all the happy memories in your life flash before your eyes.

Get each packet at only RM5 at the Austrian-German-Swiss Christmas Charity Bazaar tomorrow (21/11) in Carcossa Seri Negara KL 😀 Proceeds go to Bangsa Ria 

See you there!


Sky full of (ginger) Stars


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Another batch of cookies from the Christmas oven though this time they’re for humans to tuck in to 😀  We call these our Homemade Cinnamon Ginger Butter Cookies fashioned in the form of whimsical stars and dusted with a dash fairy (icing sugar) dust.

These lovelies will melt in your mouth and will leave you wanting more!

Get each packet at only RM5 at the Austrian-German-Swiss Christmas Bazaar this Saturday in Carcossa Seri Negara ! Proceeds to Bangsa Ria


PS: No gingerbread men were harmed in the making of this treat, in fact like human beings, they rather enjoyed being made into star stuff.

the dog days are over


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The elves are really working some Christmas magic in the ovens this year; spreading the festive cheer for both humans and their beloved pets to enjoy! Behold, Homemade Doggy Biscuits courtesy of theCraftElves! You’re welcome delectable treats will entice any canine (and feline). They contain:

Peanut Butter
Baking Powder

Perfectly healthy for your darling pups as they are sugarless and preservative free. Thus, they have a shelf life of around 2-3 weeks. And if you can’t resist, like we elves, you’re welcome to nick a few and gobble them with your pet 🙂 Get each pack at only RM5! Proceeds go to Bangsa Ria


Don’t worry, we elves tested the waters on our target market representative; our ever-enthusiastic garden guardian, Angel. She never could resist the pleasant smells wafting from our oven. Much to her delight, she got to try some of the cookies this time! And she loved them!


Look at that happy face! Her breath smells pleasantly peanut buttery now 😀

So if your dog gives you those big sad irresistible doe eyes while you’re feasting on Christmas dinner with the family, celebrate the festive spirit together by offering it our handbaked doggy biscuits instead!


Crafting Christmas Episode VI: Return of the Elves

In a galaxy far far away,

a hooded creature waits in the darkness. Short and unmistakably green, his disguise barely covered the pointy ears that peaked through his robe. A door opens quietly and light spills from the adjacent room, temporarily blinding him.

“Come all this way I have,” whispered the robed traveller to the silhouette of the stranger at the doorframe. “true is the prophecy hmm? Awoken it has.”

“Not it,” rumbled the stranger in an equally gravelly voice, peering at him with a smile that stretched to his own green pointy ears. “They

And as if on cue, the door slammed wide open, and with the explosion of light tumbled in masses of little green sickeningly adorable creatures. As they arranged themselves in a circle around the traveller, they sang the song of their people which he immediately recognised. Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Jingle.. he too found himself singing to the accompaniment of the tinkling bells bobbing on the tip of their oversized jumpers.

“Hello…children,” he said with emotion to the happy expectant faces staring up at him, ignoring the fact that they looked like Christmas vomited on them. And all at once, they hugged their greatest and wisest ancestor after so long of believing him to be dead. “We missed you Master Yoda.” said the eldest elf, who was turning six this year and was already secretly plotting mutiny against Santa now that Yoda was back.

“Grandfather it is to you,” smiled Yoda as he embraced his long lost family.

And so the story begins

This year, the elves are back with a BANG! We are proud to once again be part of the Ausrtian-German-Swiss Charity Bazaar and in the spirit of Christmas and Star Wars (Force Awakens will be the first film to the epic space opera’s sequel trilogy!!) we are striving to make this year’s event extra special! As always, it is an absolute joy putting our imagination and tinkering skills to good use by raising funds for charity. After six wonderful years, we can honestly say there is no better cause than giving back to the less fortunate.

We will be representing Bangsa Ria Centre at Carcossa Seri Negara on the 21st of November (Saturday) where we will be selling cookies for both humans and pets! And following last year’s success, we will be doing face painting again this year with Special Star Wars designs in commemoration with the movie coming out this December! There will also be a wide range of Austrian, German and Swiss delicacies to choose from as well as other christmasy items on sale just in time for the season!

Look out for more updates till then as we will posting more on what to look forward to at our stall over this week! Spread the word and see you on Saturday!!

ags 2015

PS: if you’d like to know more about what we do and our previous events, feel free to browse the menu on the top of the page for info and pictures 😀

Another Happy Ending


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No-one has become poorer by giving ~ Anne Frank

Over the years, the feeling remains no less than spectacular. Surrounded by the spirit of giving and the merriment that comes with Christmas, this year’s Christmas Bazaar has once again blown our socks off. It was beautiful to see the historical stark white Carcosa Seri Negara splashed with the colours of Christmas as booths representing centres for the disabled and less fortunate littered the compound. From the always favourite authentic German pretzels to handicrafts made by women’s organizations, the elves were proud to add their face painting services to the spectrum of things sold to raise funds for charity, in our case, Bangsa Ria Home for the Disabled. Much to our delight, children (and parents) patiently lined up to have their faces painted. Whether it was a snowman on the eye or Spiderman (there were three ‘Spiderboys’ roaming the hallways by the end of the afternoon), the children’s colourful faces certainly added some cheer to this once in a year event. One of our customers, who we have to mention and will be known simply as Ironboy ardently had his face painted twice after donning each persona for about an hour. He was so bewitched by his transformations that we caught him staring at our mirror in a corner for a full minute or so (we have footage of half of it).

The snowflake design was popular amongst the girls (and a couple of women) mostly because of the global phenomenon of the ‘Frozen’ movie. One little boy requested for a shark face and fell asleep halfway, drooling a little; the image was monstrously adorable. After a silent argument with her mother on which design to choose (the girl wanted a reindeer, her mother insisted on a snowflake), both decided on a cat which Face-Painter Elf (palms sweating, silently hoping cat was also a foreign word for reindeer) had to spontaneously create. It turned out well enough:

Modestly considering how their face-painting debut turned out, the elves have bravely decided to take on the world. Yes internet, we are up for hire now. Birthday parties, events with children in general (or even adults who are interested), we will be there. Speaking of debuts, this year theCraftElves introduced two new products, the Hand-painted Sweet-filled Snowflake Jars and… Hand-drawn Craft Elves Christmas themed gift cards with elf themed illustrations that give a sneak peek of the everyday live of the elves!

For more lovely pictures, click here.

Smiling warmly, bones heavy and heart fuzzy, the elves sigh as they settle back in their beds. Another hibernation awaits till next Christmas (not that they won’t jump at the chance to tinker if you wake them), and they cannot wait! Toes already tingling, they take their time before closing their eyes.

The Art of Disguise


“Beautiful things do not ask for attention.”

Over the years, the elves have been masterfully disguising the most unexpected things into beautiful pieces of art. In commemoration of our 5th year anniversary, the elves have decided to pay tribute to a couple of their creations that really are just a tasteful cohesion of odds and ends.

**Scroll over or click on each image to read their description.**

Sweet Snowflake Jars

Making their debut this year, these sweet treat jars cum lamp holders are the perfect gifts for warming not only homes but also bellies. Soon to be filled with handmade chocolate balls (which are going to be made in a couple of days so they will be fresh for the bazaar), these jars can be reused after their contents have been happily consumed. They are guaranteed to tastefully illuminate any environment (imagine them in your garden or even on your dining table!) as well as keep those pesky flies away from Christmas dinner. The snowflakes were individually hand-painted which makes each bottle unique whilst the lids that were once donning the face of a cartoon baby, are now painted a bright Christmas red.

Creative Cards

In contrast to the adorable jars above, these cards were the pioneering crafts by the CraftElves. Here are a few of the materials used for the cards (some of which you would not have guessed!)



Sweet heart Birthday cardThis card is especially special because of its heart. The centre of this card is actually paint on canvas – one of the first pieces of artwork Baker/Quiller Elf did back when she was known as Baby Elf. Lilac tinted sequins served as the centres of embossed six petal flowers.

Charms on the Bookmarks

Like Brownies and a certain gold hoarding dragon, the CraftElves also have an eye for shiny things. However unlike solitary dragons lying in heaps of riches, the elves have their own gems that they love to bask in.


Well, that’s all for now folks! What a long post this was… searching up the archives for the older pictures. Recycling unused things into beautiful creations is a pleasure to do as it also a way reducing wastage and is a baby (pun intended)  step in saving the environment. We, elves hope to more of this in the near future. Hope you enjoyed reading as much as we enjoyed writing this! Till next time!

Crafting Christmas V


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The CraftElves are back with a bang! This year is full of surprises as the elves are donning their clever clogs and venturing into the unknown. Amidst their travels, the elves have learned the art of disguise (face painting) as well as other bizarre skills. This is a sneak peek of what’s in store this Christmas – do not weep, we will posting more over the next few days! Not to mention, it’s our fifth year anniversary so look forward to a full post dedicated to that. In the mean time, do check out our craft gallery and events page to see what we do best. If this is your first time hearing about the CraftElves, please visit our ‘About’ page above the little dog on the top of this page to learn more 🙂 . Once you click that button, your world will never be the same again…


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Personalised Pendants 2.0


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Howdy! This year we, elves have revamped the charms in more attractive shades of colours. We also decided to improve our design and method of attack as well as focus on the detail  and execution of each individual charm. The process was equally painstaking as last year and probably more so as we made double the amount of charms than we made last year. This year, we also paid more attention to alphabets instead of other charms as we realized they won a popular vote amongst customers. This is duly because they appreciate personalization in their jewelry and other things (i.e: book metals and feltmarks). With the large selection of alphabets, customers are able to choose their own initials to add to their charm bracelets.

These charms are very versatile as they can be used a singular pendants in a chain necklace, as charms on a charm bracelet or even an ornament, charm or token dangling on the end of the book metal or feltmark (see craft gallery on top bar OR search sidebar).

Here are a few images of the completed charms:

Here’s a bit of behind the scenes action since these particular creations are especially one-of-a-kind. Click on each picture to read a detailed caption:

If you enjoyed the sneak peek behind the scenes, please let us know in the comments below so we can consider shedding some more light on what we elves do when the curtains are closed (our factory has a lot of curtains). We might even think of doing a tutorial video for some of our creations, especially the clay charms since they are very unique and involve many interesting stages and processes that audiences might find enlightening.


  • More pictures on behind-the-scenes for other crafts, as a ‘behind-the-scenes’ page link on the top bar. If you’re lucky, you might find a video!
  • Some pictures of these charms in action ( on bracelets, as pendants etc.)
  • A page dedicated to these charms and more individual detailed descriptions
  • Other crafts that we created in the past

As always, thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed viewing! Come back soon!

Of Folding and Rolling


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It is only like us elves to meddle with the laws of art and creativity (there are no such rules in that matter, really) and unite an art of rolling paper that has dated back to the Renaissance period to the art of folding paper that is of Japanese origin. The name itself origami comes from the word orikami in which ‘ori’ means ‘folding’ and ‘kami’ means ‘paper’. Quilling on the other hand, was an art practiced by French and Italian monks during the Renaissance times and were said to have imitated the ironwork of the day.

Quilling and Origami. Like the names of two unlikely friends (elves) united by the forces of paper and nothing else. Like two art forms from opposite ends of the spectrum that finally meet in a beautiful and peaceful collision. We, elves like to find these simple occurrences very dramatic.

Of course, we realized that rolling and folding animals would be much more interesting products of creativity in contrast to wreaths and predictable snowflakes. As we hunted for popular Christmas animals, the Boobooks native to Christmas island arose. Whilst obvious choices would have been penguins and snowmen (not an animal but cute anyway), the owls of Christmas island caught our attention with their baleful eyes and striking coat.

Reindeers however, still remained a family favourite (Rudolph was very adamant and we could not say no) so we kindly requested Quiller Elf to make a few of them. She made a few of them (enough to lift the sleigh) albeit begrudgingly (as the process was painstaking and Santa has yet to give us a pay raise) but the end products were magnificent and worth every bead of sweat and snip of paper.

True Christmas Spirit


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Hello, hello! A day after the biggest event of the year for us elves yet we’re still hopping about basking in the afterglow of yesterday’s brilliant charity bazaar. We remember sitting under the starsUnder the Starsin the wonderful Luther Centre. Making goodies to raise funds for the disabled and eating bountiful amounts chocolate like two greedy mythical German children were our main staples of the day and we enjoyed every second of it. Words cannot describe a more beautiful way to spend the festive season. It was such a sight for sore eyes to behold organizations from all walks of life gathering in one room in a building in Petaling Jaya, uniting for just four hours to help the individuals and living things that we hold so dear to our hearts. Humans and animals that do not have a say in their rights  and cannot express their thoughts and feelings due to their natural disabilities. Yesterday, our center, Bangsa Ria Home for the Physically and Mentally Disabled shared a table with another society that sheltered abandoned animals. Inadvertently, we heard every story about every unfortunate dog and cat as they explained them to the visitors that stopped by. I remember how they spoke so passionately about the animals as if they were their own and until now, I still remember the names of each dog that was found stranded in Shah Alam or Kepong. I realised then, that the truest Christmas spirit is the joy in helping others and yesterday was a day to celebrate that happiness.

While last year, they had Saint Nicholas spreading Christmas Joy, this year they invited an orchestra to add to the merry ambiance.

From Pachebel’s Canon in D, Can you feel the love tonight? to the magnificent (and my utmost favourite) compilation of the Lord of the Ring’s Pillars of Stone, Riders of Rohan and Return of the King by Howard Shore. This is a snippet of the performance (please forgive the state of the videos as height is not our forte so we had to abuse the zoom button):

And whilst the orchestra music continued to ignite the Christmas atmosphere, shoppers roamed the floor picking up trinkets and foods as they went.





Of course, as night closed in, people simply sat down and enjoyed the music:

IMG_1165There was the much anticipated lucky draw (that we craft elves always hope to win but always miss). It is the natural stand-out of the whole event as the prizes are very luxurious, those of which include a two night stay at the Renaissance hotel etc. These are the jolly folk who announced the winners:

IMG_1178Oh, and how could we forget! Let’s step back in time and view our lovely stall all prepped up for the next four hours of Christmas extravaganza.



Some of the items sold by the other volunteers at the Bangsa Ria Home for the Physically and Mentally Disabled:



Well, what an ending to a wonderful day to give back to charity. Stay tuned to the next post in which we display our personalized charms version 2.0 (made entirely out of scratch) as well as our sudden flair for origami (as seen in the pictures above) and  the art of quilling.

And finally, just something to look forward to as always:

Reindeers in LoveAu revoir!